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Software Engineer - Blockchain Developer
Laurie Bongert

Software Engineer - Blockchain Developer

  • Price per hour
  • Deadline Dec 21, 2017
  • Category Technology
We are looking for a couple of exceptional engineers to join us on the sprint that takes us from prototype to MVP. You will be an integral piece of the team, joining us at the earliest stage of the journey, and potentially beyond. You’ll be working hand in hand with our leadership team and many cross functional team leads. You may have a passion for hacked stuff on the blockchain already, maybe you even own some BTC. You may be looking for a unique and well thought out opportunity that will bring an exceptional piece of work to your portfolio. We have a high expectation of everyone who joins us; we are looking for people that enjoy tough challenges and take pride in their work. What You’ll Do Work on cutting edge Blockchain technology as part of an internal start-up team Will be responsible for analysis, design and implementation of core Enterprise Blockchain software Develop beautiful, maintainable code, with test driven CI/CD development
2,018 years ago


Blockchain Development
Software Engineering