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Senior Software Engineer
coinbase company
United Kingdom

Senior Software Engineer

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Back To All Jobs Senior Software Engineer San Francisco, CA Our mission is to create an open financial system for the world. As a software engineer at Coinbase you will help build the future of payments infrastructure and digital currencies. Responsibilities We have engineers working across various teams at Coinbase, each with their own sets of difficult engineering challenges. Some of the areas we focus on: Brokerage - Coinbase is the most popular place for consumers to buy and sell digital currency, but is still early days for how digital currency will impact the world. Two to three billion people in the world own a cell phone but don't have a bank account or credit card. For many of these people their first "bank account" will actually be a digital currency account on a mobile device. We're committed to having a consistent and easy way to use digital currency across mobile and web platforms, all powered by a unified API. Platform - Coinbase provides the most popular digital currency API in the world, with APIs for wallet, blockchain, merchants, and exchange all under one roof. Coinbase is committed to building great digital currency infrastructure for the world so that thousands of new ideas and applications can be built on top of digital currency. Risk & Growth -You'll be a part of a team that builds out services around accounting, stores sensitive information, creates connections to the digital currency network, and more. Over time we'll continue to add new services, and we'll need to build the tools that allow us to build and scale reliable payment services. Data Science -Data science at Coinbase serves many teams: Fraud detection, Blockchain analysis, business intelligence, anomaly detection, growth, and more. On the data science team, you'll build Machine Learning (ML) pipelines and push limits with insightful engineering or innovative ML models. We are at an early stage where you can have an outsized impact as well as flexibility on the tools and methodologies you choose to work with: Spark, Vowpal Wabbit, Storm, Kinesis, Redshift, etc. Requirements Track record of shipping high quality projects under constraints Degree in computer science or related field preferred Passion for creating an open financial system In case you are wondering what technologies we use at Coinbase, we're built using a combination of Ruby, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Swift (for iOS), and Java (for Android). Prior experience with these exact languages/technologies is not required.
2,018 years ago


Software Engineering