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Project manager (ICO) /Product manager
Alexey Bezrodnykh

Project manager (ICO) /Product manager

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  • Category Marketing
Responsibilities: Generating marketing ideas, close interaction with developers, designers, analysts and founders; Short-term and strategic marketing planning; Interaction with contractors and freelancers (SEO, special projects, affiliates); Development of creative ideas: ad text, banners, landing pages; Formulating key indicators of products and monitoring; Analysis of the market and marketing activity of competitors; Creating a framework for internal and external analytics; Organization, implementation and monitoring of advertising campaigns; Setting technical and creative tasks, monitoring implementation. Requirements: Understanding the specifics of the ICO market; Successful experience of implementing IT projects; Experience in setting tasks for design and development teams; Ability to work with big amounts of data; Experience in conducting advertising campaigns on social media channels (twitter, facebook, adwords and others); Ability to defend personal point of view and listen to opponents; Fluent English
6 months ago