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Casey Gardiner
United States


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We're creating a simple Smart Contract IDE in a decentralized web environment that easily allows for creating secure custom smart contracts without the need to code. We're giving smart contract developers the ability to audit, peer review/bounties and also a chance to sell to users who can "drag-and-drop" into their contracts. Image if EVERYONE could create a smart contract on ANY blockchain! We're incubated at http://tigerlabs.co/ and just completed seed funding. We're also wrapping up a week at the North American Bitcoin Conference where we plan on partnering with AION, Lightning Network, IOTA, EOS, and RSK. We are fully funded, motivated, and ready to rock and roll! We're looking for skilled & qualified engineers who are looking at joining an up-and-coming project: Full Stack Developers Ethereum Developers Java Developers Security Engineers Not an engineer but still interested in helping with our project and vision? We're also slowly building our community team. If you're a Marketing, Legal, Researcher and Communication wizard, please contact us!
6 months ago


Security Engineer