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Qusai  Jouda
  • Category: Technology
  • United States

Qusai Jouda

Freelancer who is skilled in building Software Applications, Front-end Development, and Decentralized Systems like Bitcoin. Cofounded a startup and worked with different ventures in Palestine, Stuttgart, Berlin, Boston. Currently, prototyping ideas with UNICEF Innovation in New York.
Working with blockchain technology profoundly excites me as it allows humans as well as machines/things to have decentralized, self-sovereign, open and borderless money systems that can be governed by smart contracts and powered by the internet. Throughout history humans have been using different mediums to exchange value, from colored stones, seashells and paper money to today’s emerging blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. I’m always trying to delve deeper into understanding the technical, social, ethical and legal challenges of utilizing these emerging technologies in our complex and interconnected world.
I have been immersing myself in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies for more than a year and a half. In my current job, I focus on researching and demystifying blockchain networks. I designed several classes about the high-level concepts and architecture of Bitcoin and Ethereum and presented them to different United Nations agencies, the World Bank and the US State Department. We are also prototyping ideas around cryptocurrencies and smart contracts for humanitarian purposes. I contribute to discussions with other United Nations agencies on how to use blockchain technology for global decentralized digital identities and the financial inclusion of unbanked people. Through these experiences I gained a wide range of knowledge of money systems, governance, banks and financial markets.
As to programming languages, I have over six years of hands-on experience working in software development, mainly with Javascript as I have been using it to build middleware, web frontend and mobile applications. Additionally, I have over one year experience with Go, as well as a very good understanding of C++ and Java languages as I used them to learn programming during my studies at university.


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