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Patryk  D
  • Category: Technology
  • Poland

Patryk D

15+ years building software. Worked with a globally-distributed R&D team for developing Blockchain-based smart contract service. Vast experience on Bitcoin scripting and Blockchain integration. Reviewed and modified the codebase of Bitcoin Core and Ethereum Go client.
Recently, I spent over two years working with a small R&D team for developing Blockchain-based semi-centralized smart contract service. We built an MVP in late 2014 and after securing more funding we proceeded to refining the service and developing web and mobile clients around it. In the process, we explored a number of approaches to address technical issues of trust-less value transfer and to find ways around regulatory limitations.

Specific knowledge and experience includes:

15+ years building software. Seasoned object-oriented programmer. Excited about functional programming and learning new languages. TDD practitioner.
Full-stack development (Java, Javascript, Node, React)

Agile Development
Experience with Scrum and working with globally distributed teams. Iterative and incremental development, continuous integration.

Bitcoin and Blockchain
Bitcoin scripting and Blockchain integration.
Designed and implemented a custom Bitcoin web wallet app (ES6, React, bcoin).

System Architecture
J2EE, EAI, mediation, Web Services, SOAP

Data wrangling and analytics
Experience ranging from extracting data with Perl one-liners, to aggregating CDRs, to implementing predictive data models.

Prototyping and Product development
Requirements analysis, estimation, prototyping, and MVPs.

API Design and Enterprise integration
Designed and implemented user apps around swaps API (JavaScript, React, Flux, Java, Swing, bitcoinj).


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