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Orna  Luz
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Orna Luz

Characterization and design user interfaces and complex web sites since 2000.
A good web system is a system easy and pleasant to use, one that gives the users the ability to enjoy working in it, irrespective of the technology that makes it work.
For over than a decade I worked as a Web/UI/UX designer. I designed user interfaces for complicated web applications and websites. While designing I always take the user of the system seriously and trying to give the user a full and fulfilled experience.
To be successful at what I do, I believe there are some important principles to stick to:
* Love what you do.
* Love who you work with.
* Get to know your target audience.
* Consider the constraints but not surrender to them.
* Take care of the small details.
* Do things to the end.
* Learn something new every day.
I try to keep these principles in every job I do.

Characterization and design user interfaces for complex systems.
Web Design and Mobile. Expertise in designing e-commerce sites. Focus on the pleasant design and easy to use.
Cutting - writing HTML + CSS while ensuring proper code and cross-browser compatibility.
SEO writing custom code.

Design and construction sites - Freelance
Design and construction of websites, from characterization to advertise. Design user interfaces. Characterization and design content management systems. Producing promotional materials such as newsletters and banners. Search engine optimization. Servicing companies and individuals.

Web Master at Giimingtk Ltd.
High-tech company specializing in the field of games and sports betting. Characterization, planning, design and construction of software games online. And characterization, design, planning and construction management systems that support these programs. Matching software for platforms and different audiences, with an emphasis on design and construction of user interfaces (UI) pleasant, helpful and efficient. Construction and banner advertising, website articles, and newsletters. Search engine optimization. Working with various parties in the country and abroad have marketed software includes writing specification documents in Hebrew and English.

Web Site Management Hadassah College Jerusalem.
Graphic design, user interface (GUI), construction and management of site content. Planning and managing dynamic systems and databases. Construction and site banner advertising. Search engine optimization. Design and production of printed promotional materials such as newsletters, brochures and booklets. Working with officials at the college and facing external service providers.

Partner in "either. Okay. Studio" Multimedia.
Designing and building web sites and presentations. Design user interfaces. Search engine optimization. Design and production of printed materials. Providing services to various companies and individuals.

Flash Teaching and Development in the Department of Photography and Digital Media at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. Guidance on the subject of the final project website, which includes the construction of a final work of graduates.

Learning photography and digital media at Hadassah College in Jerusalem - Graduated with honors
BA from Tel Aviv University philosophy and cognitive science - Graduated with honors
Master's degree at the University of Tel Aviv philosophy information and digital culture - Graduated with honors.


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