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Jimmy  Song
  • Category: Technology
  • United States

Jimmy Song

Jimmy is a top full-stack developer with more than 18 years of experience working in a variety of industries. He's currently working a great deal with Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies. He's contributed to many open source projects, mostly related to Bitcoin.

JavaScript, 18 years
Perl, 18 years
Python, 13 years
jQuery, 8 years
Git, 8 years
Django, 7 years
Bitcoin, 4 years
Go, 3 years

Vice President of Engineering
Armory Technologies Inc.
2014 - 2016
Created a BIP32 (hierarchical deterministic) wallet for use in a Bitcoin wallet.
Created a sample web store running entirely on Bitcoin.
Coded replayable proof-of-concept that interacts with a settlement server.
Added a unit test framework to product. 80% of the code coverage is in a 40,000 line code base.
Wrote Qt dialogs for Bitcoin paper backup solutions.
Technologies: Python, Bitcoin, C++, Twisted, Qt, jQuery, Flask


Full-Stack Web Developer