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Harsh  Pokharna
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Harsh Pokharna

Passionate about Distributed Ledger Technologies. Blockchain System Architect and Consultant. Co-founder of Psi Phi. I also write blogs and tutorials on blockchain topics.
I have a detailed understanding of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Multichain and Interledger.


Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Mechanical Engineering

Blockchain Resume

Currently analysing blockchain applications in industry and building prototypes. One such prototype is a file storage and sharing system build on top of multichain. Working with other enterprises for a proof of concept for this system.

Past projects which can be seen in my GitHub profile:

Action Driven Architecture for Smart Contracts
I take forward the ‘5 types model’ and develop it into an Action Based System of Smart Contracts. Earlier, the Application Logic Contract had to be replaced everytime a Controller Contract was changed. This removes this requirement and if proper permissioning models are added, makes the design even more modular.

Architecting a system of Smart Contracts
I start by writing a very simple smart contract and over a course of 6 iterations develop it into a system of smart contracts that work well together and are very modular, This design is inspired from the Eris Industries ‘5 types model’.

Go Ethereum – Setting up a Private Cluster
I have demonstrated setting up and running a private network on the Ethereum blockchain. There are also demonstrations available for transferring ether around and deploying your own smart contracts.

Unit Testing for Smart Contracts
Project descriptionThis project demonstrates how to write unit tests for your smart contracts.

Sample Smart Contracts
Project descriptionWrote some simple sample Smart Contracts in Solidity while learning. May help someone who is just beginning.

B.Tech Project, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, IIT Kanpur

Designed apparatus to simulate internal cooling in a rotating turbine blade; synchronized thermal imaging
Fabrication of active-rotor balancing mechanism to control shaft vibrations; design of multi-pass system
Achievement: Estimated 30% improvement in accuracy due to synchronisation of IR camera with rotating duct