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Gilad  Haimov
  • Category: Technology
  • Israel

Gilad Haimov

Brings nearly two decades of experience in developing and leading highly complex and successful systems in the fields of Blockchain development, the Ethereum platform, security, algorithms, mobile apps, identity management. Years of experience working with multicultural teams.
B.Sc. Physics & Computers, Tel-Aviv University

CEO/Lead Developer
Mobile Edge Ltd. A Software House for Mobile Systems
2008 - PRESENT
Develop an online location-based bidding system for iOS and Android.
Develop one of the first Android CB (Cellular Broadcast) emergency systems.
Senior technological advisor and lecturer for John-Bryce China, including giving master classes at Intel(c) Shanghai and Beijing branches on advanced Android technologies, low-level Android, and Android development design patterns.
Guest lecturer at the TAU engineering faculty on mobile networking technologies.
Create on-screen static assets displaying cell broadcasts.
Develop an 'active' Android lock screen allowing quick access to key system functionalities.
Architect, lead the development team for, and write the core components of a highly complex surveillance system supporting multiple endpoints, local, and remote communication.
Create very-high throughput systems using Message queue technologies: XMPP and RabbitMQ.
Create location-aware services and work with device sensors (GPS, compass, accelerators).
Implement a binary-level communication protocol with local hardware (implementation from scratch ). Protocol is over IP and supports error handling and recovery on failure.
Work in an intensive multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment.
Lead the team in Agile methodologies: SCRUM, Kunagi.
Develop an Android bridge app for a leading GPS manufacturer.
Develop a smart media streamer for Android devices.
Develop a media-enabled Live Wallpaper.
Technologies: Mobile, Android, Android kernel-level, Parse.com, GoLang, Java, Node.js, C/C++, cell broadcasting, Hidden-API activation, AppWidgetHost, HTTP Client/Server, Media Streaming, Sticky Services, Reflection-based Gateway Service


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