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Edwin  Carlson
  • Category: Business and Finance
  • United States

Edwin Carlson

ICO Advisor
Edwin is a Visionary Startup Executive & Management Consultant with in-depth expertise in Finance and Technology. Accomplished in delivering market leading solutions that enhance business value while supporting strategic initiatives. Always compliant with industry regulations and directives! A Bitcoin enthusiast and promoter.

Edwin has built startups in fintech as well as advertising, big data, loyalty marketing and human resources. He has consulted for leading companies in the banking and insurance fields, including JPMorganChase, Bank of America, Royal & Sun Alliance & HSBC, offering expertise in correspondent banking, payment processing and securities settlement.

Edwin began his career in the UK, where he earned a BS degree with Honours in computer studies (the business application of computer technology) from the University of South Wales. Throughout his career, he has always remained at the leading edge of the business application of proven technologies.

• Managed the deployment of web-based products in insurance, banking, media-distribution, e-Learning and job-seeking industries, resulting in the timely completion of $20M+ projects
• Managed an innovative transition program to consolidate legal cases handled by 2,000 law firms allocated to 50 selected firms, resulting in $30M annual savings
• Created business model and collaborated on business & technical plan development for a financial services venture, resulting in $2M in raised funds
• Presented business concepts to Venture Capitalists, resulting in $8M+ in investment

Work Experience

Nov 2017 - Feb 2018
London Football Exchange
Tech/Blockchain Advisor
Apr 2017 - Feb 2018
Jan 2017 - Feb 2018
Sep 2016 - Feb 2018
FinTech School
May 2016 - Dec 2017
AutoLoan Marketplace
CEO and Founder


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