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Atriz Bitcoin
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Atriz Bitcoin

Bounty Campaign Management
I am now available for management of Signature, Facebook, Twitter, Translation, Blog, Articles, Reddit, Telegram and Slack campaigns.

-Total transparency.
- A report per round, which will summarise the effectiveness of the marketing I have done, and also improvements for the next round.
- Quality work to be done.
- Access to my team, which involves a designer, a back end coder, and a front end coder if required.
- Experience, in real life and also on this forum. Have been here for 4 years now.
- Easy communication, I will usually respond to messages within 12 hours.
- Negotiable fee

Avaliable hours: 7am-9pm GMT+10 time

Work Experience

Jan 2016 - Jan 2017
ALU Services
Bounty Management


Bounty Management