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Akarsh Agarwal
  • Category: Technology
  • India

Akarsh Agarwal

I’m a blockchain applications developer on Hyperledger Fabric project and Ethereum Smart Contracts. I have been also developing Blockchain Application as a Full-Stack Developer. I’ve never been limited to any one programming language.
I’m a Blockchain Applications, Smart Contracts and full-stack developer. I’m a graduate student with Majors in Computer Science.
I’m open to any kind of development and like to take on new challenges and new tasks.
I’ve been working in the domain of Blockchain Tech from Dec 2016. I develop applications on Hyperledger Fabric Project in GoLang. Also, I write smart contracts in Solidity for Ethereum Applications.

Work Experience

May 2017 - Present
Data Grokr
Software Engineer
Apr 2017 - Present
Blockchain Education Network
Hyperledger Development Lead
Feb 2017 - Present
MLG Blockchain Consulting
Technical Blockchain Writer


Backend Development
Blockchain Development
Smart Contracts