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Complete service from creating tokens, distribution to crowd-sale hosting from TokenMarket, crowdsale and exchange platform for blockchain assets
The TokenMarket core product provides everything needed from token creation to token sale to achieve a successful launch.
The core of every token crowdsale consists of:
- Creation of smart contract or tokens
- Security audit of token system
- Hosting to raise funds and distribute tokens
Our team has built secure decentralized services including exchanges, smart contracts for large ICOs, and on demand code auditing, all with successful results. With TokenMarket your crowdsale is delivered with the functionalities you need, and the security that blockchain technology requires.

The TokenMarket team has a broad understanding of regulatory compliance and jurisdictional matters. This allows your business to safely have both a utility token for crowdsales. TokenMarket can also accept fiat currencies like EUR and GBP as part of the crowdsale, provides KYC services and security market trading.

Beyond our initial technology offering we specialize in a number of areas to assist you along the way, including:
- Capital Conversions
- Investor Outreach
- Marketing
- Multi-Sig Wallets
- Milestone Based Escrow
- Partial Underwriting
- ICO project timeline

Team Members

Freya Stevens
Marketing Director
Nertila Bardhi
Digital asset analyst


Escrow Services
KYC (Know your customer)
ICO Security
Smart Contracts
Token Sale
Multisig wallet
Secure Wallet Services