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The Vanbex Group

The Vanbex Group

Consulting, Communications & Development for Blockchain Businesses
The Vanbex Group works hands on with projects to help shape their future. We combine deep business insight with expert understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models.

Consulting and Strategy
We take a tailored approach to shaping the future of every client we manage. We combine deep business insight with a strong understanding of how blockchain technology can impact existing business infrastructure and operations. Developing blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses since 2013, we’ve become hyper-specialized in building out the elements of a successful client strategy: a compelling product use case, clear demonstration of the technology, and a robust and engaged community.

Marketing and Communications
Effectively positioning and communicating the real-world solution that your technology addresses builds strength for your project; leveraging the right blockchain-specific channels and media to create momentum sets you up for success. Our team of blockchain, smart contract, and cryptocurrency experts are ready to embrace your brand’s vision and showcase it to the world.

Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology
Blockchain and smart contract technology have the ability to advance digital processes and the transfer of information like never before; while the technology is complex, we can simplify it. We work with clients to develop industry-leading blockchain-based platforms and applications that enable business solutions to power the future.

ICO Fundraising and Investment Marketing
Communicating the unique value and use case for your token or project is our priority. A crowdsale should include in-depth due diligence, a community-driven technical white paper, project transparency via a token offering memorandum, and a clear outline of the ecosystem. We’ll work with you as a guide through the initial coin offering process and can establish inroads to the blockchain investment world. Vanbex can ensure your platform and brand are ready for a successful launch and fundraise.


Blockchain Development
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