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Mediagram is a service that will help you to gain and increase your target audience, get new customers and increase sales.
Mediagram is a service that helps businesses to gain and increase your target audience, get new customers and increase sales.

Many people use Telegram as the main source of news and information on topics of interest. At the same time, posts in the Telegram channels, as has been observed many times, can set the trend and the big waves of discussions, and at the same time, a lot of conversion traffic.

With each passing day, the number of Telegram users interested in crypto-currencies, mining, ICO and related topics is added. Demand creates a proposal - the number of channels in Telegram is growing, notifying subscribers and participants about all important news of the world of crypto-currencies, as well as chats for discussing news and events.

The audience of channels and chat rooms of crypto-currency topics is highly interested in information about the current state of affairs in this area, since the market of crypto-currencies is a dynamic market requiring constant monitoring and high decision-making speed. This guarantees a high return on the advertising campaign conducted in Telegram.

Facebook and Instagram, which accounted for about 40% of all traffic ICO projects - have officially banned advertising ICO. Many analysts believe that this example will be followed by other major media networks.

Against the backdrop of information on the forthcoming ICO Telegram and the launch of the Telegram Open Network, the messenger is undoubtedly becoming the haven of the entire crypto-currency community.

There 3 tools we use in our work:
- Mediagram AdSpace
- Mediagram SmartPR
- Mediagram Sales

We have different Packs as a the most popular set of services:
- Event Pack
- Business Pack
- Premium Pack

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Project Manager/Accounting Manager
Alexander Konov
International Development Manager


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