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Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger, a digital crowdfunding platform
Whether you want to expand your business, or take a prototype to mass production, if the community likes the project, they will help you make it a reality. ICOO will take profits from fees associated with selling ICO packages and invest them into commodity backed digital tokens. This way, ICOO holders will see real returns over time.
ICOO is the answer to
1) The need to trade immediately every new coin even in the pre-launch phase
2) The need to have a complete promotional and professional services for issuers who want the marketing infrastructure to launch their project.
Full variety of services: ICO consulting, creating of marketing plan, development of token structure and buyback plan, pre - order organization, token distribution & selling etc.
Transparency & foreseeability
Transaction security
Marketing support, promotion on the web, including programmatic - technology ads.
Prompt realization period

Prelaunch ICO crowd sales
1) Register account on OpenLedger (see video getting started)
2) Funding your account with prelaunch ICO tokens of your
3) Contact support
4) OPEN asset of new ICO, like previous one OPEN.DAO, OPEN.DGD, OPEN.LSK will be sent to your OpenLedger/Bitshares account as soon as created. Be sure to check your e-mail also for updates.
5) Start to trade your prelaunch ICO in the market you wish. Most common markets are in OPEN.BTC(BTC), OPEN.ETH(ETH) or BTS.
*Subscription fees:
Normal level users: 4% of the funds for any prelaunch ICO
High level user (VIP): 1% of the funds for any prelaunch ICO
How to become VIP: One life-time fee of 0,5 bitcoin(BTC), and prior to this option a minimum funding as normal level user above 11 bitcoin equivalent to USD 5.000,00 is required.
The above subscription fees are in full used for the profit distribution mentioned elsewhere on site.
Subscribe to ICOO prelaunch to start trading as soon as OPEN asset is created for the new ICO


Startup consulting
Token Design,
Token Distribution