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Empirica Finland

Empirica Finland

Blockchain software development
We specialize in custom blockchain-based software development.
Whenever you need to build a disruptive decentralized system that stores immutable data records, blockchain is what you are looking for.
Blockchain Software Development
From enabling cryptocurrency payments to custom tokens to entire business models. We are a one stop shop for your blockchain needs.

Smart Contracts & Off-chain Integrations
Apart from pure cryptocurrencies and other value transfers, there’s a wealth of off-chain information that needs to be accessed in a fully automated solution.

System & Data Integration
On premise, cloud or a hybrid? Remain connected and avoid costly rewrites, even if your environment changes.

Web & Mobile Development
Modern web and mobile technologies can open new business opportunities within any industry. Don’t simply copy competition, build something that supports your strategic goals.

Data Collection & Quality
A wasted data point is a wasted opportunity. Collect quality data and see why data is called the new oil.

Data Visualization
Make your data tell a story, ensure everyone can understand it the same way, everything on a beautiful dashboard that empowers your day at work and beyond.


Blockchain Development
Blockchain Solutions
Smart Contracts