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Crypto-Addicts analyzes the cryptocurrency market to help you with your investments.
Crypto Addicts is a team of professionals who help people in their investments in the cryptocurrency market, by providing analytics on cryptocurrencies, market analysis and personal advice.

Thanks to a deep knowledge and understanding of the market, self-created bots and a network of investors, we take decisions that allow us to be more efficient than the traditional cryptocurrency market.

Our goal is to give you advantage over traditional investors and to fully support you in your investments. Indeed, we help our clients to approach this changing environment with greater serenity.

Our site and our communication channels (newsletter, free and premium Telegram) provide up to speed regular informations on the cryptocurrency market. Premium users also have access to up-to-date articles on our website, in-depth analytics, and much more.

Team Members

Benjamin Duval
CEO - Co-Founder of Crypto-Addicts


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