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BountyPortals | Where bounty management meets automationWe are providing complete bounty management service, automatically verifies each action, eliminating human error and delays. Contact us if needs full marketing.
Bounty Campaigns have become an integral part of ICO marketing. BountyPortals is dedicated to bridging the gap between having a satisfied client, and delivering results fast in return of the work bounty hunters put in.

BountyPortals can handle bounty campaigns in an efficient and cost effective manner, thanks to our platform's efficient technologies. Our platform provides bounty hunters with a very direct, all in one way to access bounty tasks that's also specialized for each campaign's requirements.

Moreover, our under the hood technology makes checking the work of bounty hunters extremely efficient. This way ICO teams can be rest assured that they'll only be paying for quality work. Bounty hunters can also expect to receive payments to their address promptly after the campaign finishes.

Team Members

George Krash
Business Development Manager
Muhammad Irfan
Founder & CEO


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