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Blockchain Developers, Inc.

Blockchain Developers, Inc.

World-class recruitment for the Blockchain economy
At Blockchain Developers, Inc., we have over 100 cumulative years of experience recruiting software developers and technology marketers for some of the biggest names in tech. We are now focused exclusively on finding hard-to-find blockchain developers.

We are better than any other recruiter in the blockchain space because:

1)We have been building relationships with blockchain developers longer than anyone else in this space. It takes relationships to get access to the best people. We start our searches from that database.

2) We have learned where talented blockchain developers live online (spoiler alert - it's not LinkedIn).

3) Blockchain developers are truly global, with hotbeds existing in Berlin, Eastern Europe, Singapore, Canada and other places outside of Silicon Valley. Our team is fully global so we can communicate in the time zones where the developers are

4) We know what appeals to blockchain developers. The money is certainly important, but often, it's the mission that matters. We know how to sell the mission.

5) We talk to blockchain entrepreneurs every day. We understand the unique challenges they have in this space.

Great blockchain developers are out there, let us help you find them. Get in touch to let us know your needs. We will reach out to you to discuss your recruitment needs further. In many cases, we can be showing you suitable candidates in as little as 2 weeks.


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